Art From Ashes Radience SuncatcherArt From Ashes knows how difficult it can be to handle the ashes of a beloved pet, relative, or friend. To make this task more comfortable, Art From Ashes sends a Remembrance Kit which should arrive within 10 days of placing an order. The kit includes several items that make collecting and sending the cremains as easy as possible: sift-proof plastic bags, a disposable spoon, an instruction sheet, a postage-paid Priority Express Mail envelope, as well as a payment receipt. *(See Below for Postal Regulations)

Once Art From Ashes receives your return mailer, we contact the artist to begin his/her work. The artist creates each remembrance by first carefully placing the ashes on a metal plate. A 'gather' of molten glass is collected on the end of a steel pipe and rolled into the cremains. Another layer of molten glass is added to encase the ashes before adding the bits of colored glass and metals for the design. Once all layers of glass have been added and the piece has been shaped, it is slowly cooled overnight to prevent cracking. Each piece is then ground and polished, and the (optional) personalized inscription is hand-etched on the sculptural pieces (see photo). Art From Ashes then completes the process by beautifully packaging each unique piece. Absent unforeseen circumstances, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your order once Art From Ashes receives the cremains. Extra time may be needed during the November to January months.


Art From Ashes Remembrance Kit*Postal Regulations exist for the transportation of cremated remains when mailing any amount of the cremains. There are specific regulations regarding the transportation of the very small amount of cremated remains that is sent to Art From Ashes®. The Art From Ashes Remembrance Kit includes shipping materials that comply with USPS regulations (Publication 139 - updated October 2014) relating to the transportation of cremated remains, powders and other dry materials. You will also find included in this kit blank USPS forms to be used if you choose to mail the cremains via Certified or Registered mail from your local post office with an additional fee.