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Perpetual Bead Bracelet
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    The day I lost Maven was a day I also lost a piece of me. She was truly my canine soul mate. I couldn't be more pleased and proud to have her with me all the time with my gorgeous bracelet. It is the one piece of Silver I wear and it's the one piece that has such meaning to me. I cried the day it arrived and I cried as I put it on..truly a special moment. Not only can I have Maven with me in spirit, but a part of her goes wherever I go...just like the good 'ole days. Thank you so much for the quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

    Kim, Attleboro, MA

    Perpetual Bead Bracelet

    Glass Perpetual Beads surround your wrist in an alternating pattern of solid and mottled colors separated by sterling silver. Each solid bead is created with a small wisp of cremated ash. All of our bracelets have a beautiful hand-forged sterling silver clasp. As with all handcrafted art, exact color and design cannot be guaranteed. A small tape measure will be included in your Remembrance Kit to determine the proper length of the bracelet you order.
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