Art From Ashes

Handcrafted Remembrances

Art From Ashes offers a unique alternative to memorializing a loved one. We believe that our beloved relatives and friends as well as the animals we cherish all deserve the same respectful tribute. Burial is not always an option nor always a preference. City regulations, scarcity of land, the transient nature of our society, and the wish to keep a loved one's memory close at hand inspired the creation of Art From Ashes.

The ashes of your loved one are integrated into a unique, handcrafted glass memorial, creating a lasting, meaningful remembrance. The glassblowers use less than a teaspoon of cremains, just enough of the ashes to maintain the integrity of each piece. Your loved one's name can be simply etched on the bottom of the glass sculptures as a private tribute. Each unique remembrance is discreet and beautiful, a truly original piece of art. Because less than a teaspoon of cremated ash is used to create each remembrance, the remaining cremains can be scattered, held in a traditional urn, buried, or used to make additional remembrances.

To learn more about Art From Ashes, our media coverage, and the artists we work with, please visit the About Us page. Photos of a selection of actual remembrances and the clients' reactions to them can be viewed on our Testimonials page. Please visit our FAQ and Process pages for additional information.