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Perpetual Bead Necklace
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    The day I lost Maven was a day I also lost a piece of me. She was truly my canine soul mate. I couldn't be more pleased and proud to have her with me all the time with my gorgeous bracelet. It is the one piece of Silver I wear and it's the one piece that has such meaning to me. I cried the day it arrived and I cried as I put it on..truly a special moment. Not only can I have Maven with me in spirit, but a part of her goes wherever I go...just like the good 'ole days. Thank you so much for the quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

    Kim, Attleboro, MA

    Perpetual Bead Necklace

    These delicate beads hang gracefully on a sterling silver chain available in your choice of 18-inch or 20-inch lengths with a beautiful hand-forged sterling silver clasp. Each bead is created with a wisp of cremated ash. The beads are "donut" shaped and are approximately 1/2 -inch to 3/4-inch in diameter. This multi-bead necklace is designed with a minimum of three beads surrounded by sterling silver spacer beads. The beads are available in ten color choices. As with all handcrafted art, exact color and design cannot be guaranteed.
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